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Hooray! I just found out that life IS good!

I just got a looper! EEEEK I can't wait!
Digitech 7.6 time machine for $138.00 on Ebay!
I am jumping around and laughing.
Okay, okay, I'll calm down. I actually have a reason to post this.
Within the last couple of months, someone was asking about Smartmedia cards
for a Boss SP202 Dr. Sample.
Does anyone know where to find the damn things?
Please E-mail me privately, let's not waste our fellow loopers time any 
than I just did. Grin.

Cube equal amounts of:
fresh mangoes
fresh ripe avocado
fresh crisp pears 
into a bowl,
squeeze fresh lime juice over top,
toss and serve
serves you right. Food for love on a hot summer night.
Dael Tea Franke

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