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Birth Announcement: the Dr Rico Stealth Guitar

Well friends, after much planning, paying and waiting, the Dr. Rico Stealth
Guitar is finished. I'm writing up an "Unca Rico's Story Corner" segment on
it and will record some mp3s to accompany this webpage: 


which is courtesy of the genius luthier, Tim Diebert. This is a temp
website and will be worked over to make it a featured segment of his site
for TimTone guitars. 

Initial impressions: This is a helluva guitar. Light, resonant,
acoustically alive...the RMC piezo/preamp coupled with this larchwood/cedar
design makes this git sound better amplified than my Taylor. Really. Plus
synth/VG8. Plus custom wired Duncan antiquities with a "PRS" wiring harness
on a 5-way blade swicth (always hated the rotary switch...). 

Just the thing for loopy mayhem! I know dpc and Esau had Tim build them
gits, too. I'm sure they understand...

Anyway, I'll post more after Hurricane Floyd clears our neighborhood. Looks
like Miami may get spanked. 

Hasta -> Rico 

P.S. Check out the inlaid DNA molecule!