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Re: Show and tell

That can be cool, giving you various kinds of metallic clouds.  No, you
don't necessarily need signal input.  But look out, it can get nasty REAL
fast.  Perhaps better to have serious pre-delay involved, or other effects.
I did an entire album with a Lex LXP-5 feeding back into itself....

>So what happens when you feed back a reverb mod? how do you use it in 
>do you need to play something through it first or will it just start 
>Finally added a few items to my website, including a diagram of the sort
>we've been speaking about.  Until we get a diagram page on Looper's
>Delight, loopers may want to take a look there.  Much simpler gear in this
>than others I've seen, but the idiosyncratic signal routings may be of