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Re: Echoplex LED display problems , Alto Music

At 4:59 PM -0700 9/5/99, sock s wrote:
>I purchased an Echoplex from Alto Music in early spring around March/April
>I think.
>Since then (about 1-2 months ago) Ive noticed that one of the LEDs on the
>display was staying "half lit" (?) all the time , shortly after another 
>did the same.  (now this makes it impossible to tell the difference
>between certain numbers)
>When I first got the Echoplex the very tip of one of the rackmount ears
>was dented and bent slightly (I really hope that didnt happen after it
>was built etc..) .  I asked Alto Music if I could exchange for another
>one or complete refund. They said that another one could probably not be
>gotten etc..  and they refused to refund/pay shipping either way.  (I do
>think thats pretty crappy)
>Im not sure what to do about this

Why don't you just get the LED fixed? Sounds like a simple problem that any
electronics tech could take care of. Gibson customer service could probably
recommend somebody to you.

Or, if your echoplex is totally useless to you with a broken LED, I'll give
you $100 bucks for it. :-)


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