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Re: Multiple Loop Reset

At 12:13 PM -0700 9/5/99, Patrick Smith wrote:
>hi Kim,
>I've been playing with making granular tpye loops all weekend, or at least
>when my wife let's m have time away fromher projects. I have Record, and
>Overdub in "SUS" mode and insert on "rpl" per your instrucions to make
>micro-loops. Any list memebers who have not tried this and are into making
>textural ambient type music should get right on it.

woohoo, you're having fun now!

>I've set up multiple loops and have been utilizing Loop copy, etc. In the
>Echoplex Manual it states:
>"You can reset all the loops by a long press of RECORD (to reset the
>current loop) followed by  long press of MULTIPLY."
>This does not work when RECORD is in "SUS" mode however.

yes, that's true. A bit of a limit of the SUS Record.

>Is there anyway to
>reset all loops in this situation? Can this be part of the Upgrade?

unfortunately, no, there's no way to do it with the current software. I
never liked that either, its an unfortunate tradeoff for the coolness of
SUS functions. The best you can do for reset is tap a short loop of
silence, so it shuts up. That doesn't help the multiple loop case very
much, unless you were to quickly copy this silent loop to the others, which
isn't so great either.

In the next generation software, we have a way to reset this. (through 

>again congratulations on a GREAT piece of Gear. I still love my jam men,
>but the two plexi are so much more powerful when one digs into the various
>possibilites available. On to some Plex stutterring....

thanks! we've got a lot more SUS stuff coming in LoopIV, yer gonna be in
granular heaven...


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