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LD Vol. 1

I've just recieved Vol. 1(last night) and have had a chance to listen to it
a few times.  Considering the various performers, and the differing styles,
tools, and recording locations, it is amazing how well this disc holds
together.  While I thoroughly enjoyed LD vol 2, Vol. 1 feels less like a
compilation than and a unified musical statement.  While LOOPing is clearly
evident in the music, it's not present at the expense of the musicality. 
Your not hearing looping for the sake of looping but rather the application
of a tool or instrument to establish a musical or emotional framework for
each piece. 

This is definitely a case of the whole adding up to more than the sum of
it's parts.  I can't find one questionable or out of place track. I can't 
more pleased with this purchase!  However, I must warn you all to avoid
playing David Talento's "Just give up and marry the boss's daughter" when
your signficant other(my wife, Katie in this case) is trying to hold a
serious conversation.  Katie has an uncanny ability to not hear what is
playing and so while she tried to discuss some important issue with me, I
slowly began to tune into David's track and had to bit my lip to prevent
myself from laughing out load.  The juxtaposition of my wife's conversation
with David's loop was to much and I ultimately began giggling.   My wife
then indicated that I should not plan on bringing the Vol. 1 cd along with
me on our upcoming vacation.

While my expectations were that this would be a quality product,  it has
exceed those expectations by far.  I'd give the overall package a rating of
5 Vibromuses out of five (or was that 5 butt loopers out of 5 or was that
couchloopers or continuous controllers or DOD DFX98's or line 6 DL4's or
headrushes or volume pedals or yamaha monitors or oh forget it).

Congratulations!!! to Legion (whose name escapes me if I ever actually knew
it), Ray Peck, Michel Peters and the good people at Help Wanted