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Re: boomerang vs. headrush

>what i want to know  is since the rang is at least twice the money is it
>twice as good as looper?...>
>thanks in advance

Depends on what you're calling "good".  It may have twice the features, but
it also has half the bandwidth, if I'm not mistaken.  'Rang users may want
to correct me.  Also, as I recall, it's about six times the size.  Now
maybe if we have a math professor among us, he can come up with an

As far as the Headrush casing, if anyone can determine whether it's metal
or plastic I'd be curious to know.  It's either the most plastic-looking
finish on metal, or the toughest looking plastic I've ever seen.  Short of
melting it down to find out (don't laugh, I've done such things), I'm
pretty convinced it's metal.

David Myers