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Re: boomerang vs. headrush

If I could afford a Boomerang, I'd get one. However, I could only afford a
Headrush and, for the money, I have no complaints. My other primary looper
is a DOD Dimension 12 which is comparably priced but definitely not cooler.
(If I was patient, I would have saved the money I spent the past year or so
on the Headrush and D12 and bought a Boomerang). I look at the Headrush and
D12 as low price range loopers whereas the 'Rang is the next level up in
price and features. Comparing a 'Rang to a Headrush is not "apples to

> I don't want to start any wars but I was all set to buy a Headrush but 
> seems possible  (if i work a little overtime) for me to get a boomerang.
> what i want to know  is since the rang is at least twice the money is it
> twice as good as looper?  i don't care about the headrush's tape
> simulation... i want a good looper that's easy to use live with a simple
> guitar set up (no midi or anything).  i know this subject has come up
> but there seems to be a lot of mixed views as of late.  Anyone own both?
> the rang worth the extra bucks?  (what should i expect to pay for the
> thanks in advance
> jack