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Line 6 DL4 / Zoom 2100 / Boomerang vs. Headrush

Hi Loopers,

For more information on the Line 6 DL4 check out their new dedicated web


In message <b0939045.24dcfe07@aol.com>, Fmplautus@aol.com writes
>Have you checked out a Zoom 2100?  We got one for $109.  It's quite a 
>bargain...and we've tried all the contemporary loopers including the 
>and Boomerang.

Yep, this is indeed a fine tool. Still very much underrated.

Kim, I notice that there is still no information regarding the 2100 on
the Looping Tools page. I will gladly supply a review / photo / spec' to
help promote this beastie. Should I send this to the list, or directly
to you?

In message <009b01bee06e$21fff700$22c4aec7@default>, Alan Imberg
<alan_i@sprynet.com> writes
>If I could afford a Boomerang, I'd get one. However, I could only afford a
>Headrush and, for the money, I have no complaints. My other primary looper
>is a DOD Dimension 12 which is comparably priced but definitely not 
>(If I was patient, I would have saved the money I spent the past year or 
>on the Headrush and D12 and bought a Boomerang). I look at the Headrush 
>D12 as low price range loopers whereas the 'Rang is the next level up in
>price and features. Comparing a 'Rang to a Headrush is not "apples to

The Headrush is indeed a different fruit, but quite a tasty one all the
same. I too have no complaints. The 'Rush provides more delay power &
loopability than any other (new) unit within its price range.
Comparisons with the Boomerang aren't really fair when you consider the
price difference.

Lee Fletcher