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Re: 16 track 1 space mixer?


I can't help you much with a "Single Rack Space" 12-16 channel mixer...but 
here's what I do.

>From my guitar, I take the RMC pickup 13 pin out connector to an RMC 
box.  I take the 6 individual string outputs from the rear of the fanout 
to a Kendrick 6 Shooter , 6 channel tube preamp.  I take the 6 channel 
outputs to each of 6 channels of a Behringer single rack space Unltralink 
sub mixer.  Each string of the guitar is then "pannable" in the stereo 
plus I can adjust individual string gains.  The stereo output of the 
Behringer go's to a Blue Max compressor, and from there to either a Jam 
or a pair of Echoplex EDP's.  From there I route the output to a Yorkville 
AudioPro 812 12 channel stereo mixer preamp, which has 400 watts per side. 
put the L in channel 1, the right in channel 2.  The remaining channels on 
the mixer are for stereo inputs from the GR1 GR30, VG-8, and a host of 
goodies I use, including a CD player.  It's a bit elaborate for the 
coffee house gig, but it sure sounds great through a pair of Yorkville 
Satellite cabinets.

Regards, Wayne