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Re[2]: Continuous Control & Rolls

MBiffle@svg.com (Mike Biffle) wrote:
>> I'd like to know more about how programmable the Rolls is... can anyone 
>> us more?

> RFX MP1288
> 8 input jacks for 0 to 5 volt voltage control pedals or variable
> resistance to ground pedals as I remember -each can be set for a CC# and 
> channel (in a single preset only) -the response is not exactly linear 
> resistance pedals don't give full range

Can it assign more than one cc to a single pedal and choose how each cc is 
scaled? Eg. delay level goes up while reverb level goes down... This sort 
thing is pretty important to me... I don't like to have to find two 
pedals and hustle them around trying to accomplish a double or triple 
move. The PMC-10 allows you to assign and scale up to 3 cc's per pedal.

Also... are the individiual switches programmable? pc's, cc values...

best regards,