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Re: 16 track 1 space mixer?

In a message dated 8/3/99 11:28:21 AM, papadave55@hotmail.com writes:

>I need help locating a 12 to 16 track single space mixer with at least 2 

You might look into the Roctron G612. It's single-space, 12-track, stereo 
mixer with 2 auxilliary sends and returns. Sounds good to my ears (quiet) 
I don't really know the specs. It also has a switch that converts it from 
12-channel mixer to two separate 6-channel mixers in a single housing.

It has rather tiny rotary knobs though. I cant tell you how many times I 
that had faders--but then I'd probably be forced to into more rack spaces 
(which I have none to spare in my skb 12-slot rack). If you can live with 
little knobs it may be just the thing.

Ted Killian