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Buchla Thunder Controller for CC

Since we seem to be tangled up in this thread, I thought I'd ad my two
I trigger both samples from my Akai S-5000 digital sampler as well as 
continuous controller info from a Buchla Midi Thunder controller.  A small
unit with 20 or so tactile touch sensors programmable to any CC number or
latch mode to toggle key notes on or off.
The most cool function lies in the random generator assignment. During a
live show the Thunder allows a different sense of interaction with my 
arsenal unlike any floor board option I've been able to conjure up.

Steven J. Schreier 
Something Audio 
San Diego, Ca. 

Voice:    619.297.2614 
Fax:       619.874.1701 
E-mail:  schreier@lucent.com <mailto:schreier@lucent.com>