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Dual Loop Techniques


i would like to emphasize the point others have made that the dual loop
technique thread has been incredibly valuable. It is interesting and
instructive to see such a range of approaches to organizing noise! i don't
know what the exact relationship beauty holds to diversity, but i do know
that i'm much more likely to encounter the former in an environment, like
the LD list, which supports the latter.

i wonder if it would be possible to circulate some 'theme' (or pair of
themes) through each of these different techniques and see what comes out.
i'd love to be able to hear each one side-by-side-especially with a
description of the process used. Is this a starting point for LD CD3?

It would also be interesting to try to organize this emerging palette of
approaches. For example, how many processes are deterministic, same
input-same output; and how many non-deterministic? How many are signal-path
based (work the same way no matter what the signal content) versus those
that some how actually make use of the content of the signal (work
differently depending on the content of the signal)? Coming up with the
questions that tease apart different approaches almost always helps me see
how i might best apply a given approach to achieve the effect i want. Often
it helps me see new approaches.