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Re: Re: To those who make a living off of music

Have to say it... although learning to play music is better "in situ"... while actually playing it, either with friends or with a personal mentor.. gotta be... no denying it...
...I don't think anyone should be advising people to "not take an education".

And DONT SAY IT.. its so f***ing obvious to say, "but you dont learn what you need to at college, the software will be out of date before I leave, better to be self taught nah nah nah"
BULL... scuse me but really SHIT!

Education at a higher level has never been or will ever be about learning FACTS. And even if it is, I dont believe its possible or bad to NOT know MORE!

In what way can learning about scales or harmony, stop you from playing... are you a robot? do you HAVE to DO everything you learn? Why are any of us on LD right now..?
Carefull you might learn something and ruin your experimental edge...
Believe me Ive heard this from people. Lasse Marhaug, one of the most respected Noise musicians said this to me once... "Oh I cant play any instrument" he boasted proudly.. "rubbish" I said, "you are a virtuoso stompbox and weird circuit player!"

My time in college (ok NOT music, but art... just as useless) taught me NOTHING of what I do now in my day job... But every single thing I do IN MY LIFE... stems from that insanely creative and fulfilling time I had there... I was working from 8:30 (when it opened) till 20:00 when it closed... from then untill 3 in the morning was spent with college friends smoking dope and discussing everything under the sun... I was away from home for the first time, was in 4 bands at the same time, was active in CND and the local Anarchists group...

Now, if the WHOLE point of Ricks suggestion NOT to go to college but to hire a private teacher (not a bad idea too, I have NO fault with that) was financially motivated (I dont think it was but he mentioned it...) That it cost alot to go to college.. then all I can say it...

No it doesnt... not ANYWHERE but America remember... you guys are the only people that have to actually PAY to go to college... of course we have student loans here, so in effect you pay something, but a tiny fraction of what you guys do... education is seen as a right and a resource in Europe.
EVERYONE goes to college in Norway...

But thats not my point... when I look at my own (step) kids, they are so apathetic and both have basically given up college, here in Norway we have 100% employment so everyone can get a job (if the want one) so they would rather get a crappy job and earn enough for a few beers at the weekend, becaue they attach college with "getting a job"... well they got one.. so we dont need college...
Forget it... Its got fucking NOTHING to do with getting a job, its about growing up and continuing to grow up, teaching youself that there more to life than work and play. Theres living and learning and experiencing too...

Go to college.. do philosophy, music, art, fucking cookery.. whatever... its gonna be worth it...

My answer to the guy who started this thread is... whatever it feels like, that its not quite right, or not what you expected.. just throw yourself in... pull all the threads that are there, talk to like minded students, start something else in the evenings.... USE the time you have at college to figure out what you are doing... and make it happen... it doesnt have to be about what they do or dont teach you, its about what you manage to achieve in those few precious years that are devoted you YOU... YOURSELF...

Have a great time at college! ( and wear a condom!)

Sorry for the rant, but Ive got to 20 somethings to contend with here, that can't get out of bed, fucking hell what are they missing...?

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe