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Re: does anyone really use Softstep?

Thanks Luis. So the button is software related, not hardware? I use it 
with my laptop and Ableton. I really love the editor. I don't use the 
scrolling though. R.

On Mar 25, 2011, at 5:16 PM, Louie Angulo wrote:

> Yes Reyn,this also happened with that same button and i remeber n the
> softstep yahoo groups someone else mentioned it.
> Back then i was not able to use it as a stand alone,it was dependent
> on the software and it kept crashing on me and not saving my presets,i
> had to reboot the computer so many times,the update back then i think
> 1.31 was even worse.But that might have changed now,are u using it as
> stand alone?
> I like everything else though,the lights,the size and all of the midi
> comands you can send.Aside of the back row not being a bit higher to
> trigger those buttons, which i could live with, i also found it a bit
> tricky when scrolling to banks. All in all i didnt feel comfortable
> enough for me to take on the road which is why i initially bought it
> for.
> Though i think once all the bugs are ironed out,i think ill look for
> another one in ebay sometime.The size is whats still mostly atractive
> for me!!
> Luis
>> Only thing is that the first trigger keeps going into a Note On mode 
>after I reset all the loopers (in Ableton now). But that's probably 
>something I did wrong inside Ableton, although it doesn't do that with 
>the other buttons that are sometimes 1 on 1 copies. Have to dive into 
>that. I also read about bugs in the SoftStep or that some had to be taken 
>back to the shop for a new one, what are those bugs exactly? 'Cause I 
>hope I at least have a healthy machine. I only used it with the v1.1 
>update btw.
>> Bottom line is that so far I'm really happy with it. Works really well 
>in combination with my Gordius and they fit both in the same flightcase! 
>> Cheers,
>> Reyn
>> www.reyn.net
>> On Mar 25, 2011, at 8:37 AM, Louie Angulo wrote:
>>> it was a nice idea but in my opinion quite premature and too
>>> x-pensive,now If you wanna buy expensive equipment to have to find
>>> work arounds and wait for upgrades that adress basic stuff that other
>>> cheaper devices do it,i surely wont.
>>> The thing for me is not worth the money at the moment.I spent over a
>>> month trying my best with this thing,making calls to the U.S. and even
>>> sent a  supportive email of hope but at the end i relaized it wasnt
>>> gonna happen any time soon.
>>> i also lost the shipping as Mark did and had to mail them a few times
>>> to get the dow back.Sarah was very supportive though
>>> bad mistake bringing it to europe without letting it mature
>>> first,learned my lesson for good.
>>> Im lucky i recently found a PMC10,for 80.00dlls is not that big and it
>>> works great and does just about everything one can ever need
>>> Ah yes some people have all the luck and dont have to pay for their 
>>> Which makes us just wining morons;-)
>>> Luis
>>> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:17 PM, mark francombe 
><mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 4:13 PM, William Walker 
><billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
>>>>> Anyone but me seeing the irony here? Do I think it can work?
>>>> I really dont think there is any ironic situation here... the issues
>>>> that you are focusing on are not totally correct, if you are going on
>>>> the written word from this list without trying it yourself Bill, if
>>>> you have then... sorry...... all the things you mention are indeed
>>>> issues, but not quite as you have understood them.
>>>> The size: Not really an issue, the switches are a good distance apart,
>>>> about the same as some closely packed stomp boxes. The difference with
>>>> stomp boxes (or a fcb or a LG) is the the switches don't accidentally
>>>> trigger if you lie you foot gently on one.
>>>> The lack of raised back pedals, again, would NOT be an issue if it
>>>> wasn't so dangerous to touch the front row of switches.
>>>> The lack of tactile feel when it switches is NOT of course about its
>>>> making an audible click (as you well know Bill... you cheeky little
>>>> monkey) Its about a TACTILE click... a FEELING that you have switched
>>>> something.. I ALWAYS had to check with one eye on the screen to see if
>>>> it had REALLY gone into record, or overdub, (reverse was never a
>>>> problem... heh heh)...
>>>> Although it was light, its lack of weight really isn't a problem, its
>>>> flat bottomed, and doesn't wobble or slide, maybe rubber feet would
>>>> completely erase any issue here...
>>>> As far as I was concerned, this type or rubber switches was just not
>>>> for me... but I tell ya... the lights... woooow man... I really miss
>>>> them coolio lights...
>>>> Im glad you think it will work Bill, cos that means other people will 
>>>> I want it to work, its such a good idea, and I like companies who do
>>>> something different and new... they deserved to do well, but I do get
>>>> a sneaking suspicion that... oh I dunno... Keith...hes... like... a
>>>> neighbour? or a friend? or the brother of the friend of your wifes
>>>> sisters Aunt? Cos I dont really see why you wanna defend something you
>>>> haven't got...??
>>>> Go spend money on it and then you might not be so pleased with it...
>>>> Quite alot of people have spent (not) alot of money on it, and are not
>>>> happy.... Although they did refund me my money, they were a bit
>>>> difficult about it, AND of course I lost my shipping money there and
>>>> back, thats well over 100 dollars...
>>>> just my 1000 cents..
>>>> M.
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