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RE: does anyone really use Softstep?

hey Michael or any one who has been thwarted so far getting used to the softstep. Two  of the things that people where excited about was how compact and lite weigh it was, but that very issue of size, and liteness is now its undoing in people's eyes, along with the lack of  a discernable tactile feel or audible sound of a switch being engaged,  another  feature anyone  who uses open mics on acoustic instruments  was  excited about . Anyone but me seeing the irony here? Do I think it can work?
 Yes I do, I think  the sensitivity of the pads can be set so that the slightest touch can trigger it and one would just need to get used to the lack of feel. I think the xy axis  thing is probably more than most of us need or can get our minds around using  I think there are work arounds for its lack of weight  and not quite high enough back tier but I would love to see someone who owns one try these to see if it helps. firstly, these need to be velcro anchored to a larger heavier surface so that things like carpets don't  destabilize it or cause tipping. secondly the pedal would need to be angled more so that the back tier gains more height. I've been using these on my pedal board as risers and it occured to me that a couple of  these might make a good angle adjuster for the SS as well as adding a bit of weight and stabiltiy and I was wondering if any one has addressed this issue themselves with any success. ?.http://prostagegear.com/products/pedalboards/booster/