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Re: does anyone really use Softstep?

I used the SoftStep for the first time on my monthly "Reyn vs ..." gig and 
was pretty happy with it. I had a small set and I was actually looping 
drums with it. First loop main loop for the song, so the timing was very 
important. Timing is ok for me and I only wear Converse shoes on stage so 
that might help. Also the fact that it's so light and small and just needs 
one USB cable (inc the power) really does it for me too. When you have to 
set up so much gear the whole time it's nice to only spend 5 seconds on a 
single unit. And the lighted buttons are really chique too.

Only thing is that the first trigger keeps going into a Note On mode after 
I reset all the loopers (in Ableton now). But that's probably something I 
did wrong inside Ableton, although it doesn't do that with the other 
buttons that are sometimes 1 on 1 copies. Have to dive into that. I also 
read about bugs in the SoftStep or that some had to be taken back to the 
shop for a new one, what are those bugs exactly? 'Cause I hope I at least 
have a healthy machine. I only used it with the v1.1 update btw.

Bottom line is that so far I'm really happy with it. Works really well in 
combination with my Gordius and they fit both in the same flightcase! :-)




On Mar 25, 2011, at 8:37 AM, Louie Angulo wrote:

> it was a nice idea but in my opinion quite premature and too
> x-pensive,now If you wanna buy expensive equipment to have to find
> work arounds and wait for upgrades that adress basic stuff that other
> cheaper devices do it,i surely wont.
> The thing for me is not worth the money at the moment.I spent over a
> month trying my best with this thing,making calls to the U.S. and even
> sent a  supportive email of hope but at the end i relaized it wasnt
> gonna happen any time soon.
> i also lost the shipping as Mark did and had to mail them a few times
> to get the dow back.Sarah was very supportive though
> bad mistake bringing it to europe without letting it mature
> first,learned my lesson for good.
> Im lucky i recently found a PMC10,for 80.00dlls is not that big and it
> works great and does just about everything one can ever need
> Ah yes some people have all the luck and dont have to pay for their 
> Which makes us just wining morons;-)
> Luis
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:17 PM, mark francombe 
><mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 4:13 PM, William Walker 
><billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
>>> Anyone but me seeing the irony here? Do I think it can work?
>> I really dont think there is any ironic situation here... the issues
>> that you are focusing on are not totally correct, if you are going on
>> the written word from this list without trying it yourself Bill, if
>> you have then... sorry...... all the things you mention are indeed
>> issues, but not quite as you have understood them.
>> The size: Not really an issue, the switches are a good distance apart,
>> about the same as some closely packed stomp boxes. The difference with
>> stomp boxes (or a fcb or a LG) is the the switches don't accidentally
>> trigger if you lie you foot gently on one.
>> The lack of raised back pedals, again, would NOT be an issue if it
>> wasn't so dangerous to touch the front row of switches.
>> The lack of tactile feel when it switches is NOT of course about its
>> making an audible click (as you well know Bill... you cheeky little
>> monkey) Its about a TACTILE click... a FEELING that you have switched
>> something.. I ALWAYS had to check with one eye on the screen to see if
>> it had REALLY gone into record, or overdub, (reverse was never a
>> problem... heh heh)...
>> Although it was light, its lack of weight really isn't a problem, its
>> flat bottomed, and doesn't wobble or slide, maybe rubber feet would
>> completely erase any issue here...
>> As far as I was concerned, this type or rubber switches was just not
>> for me... but I tell ya... the lights... woooow man... I really miss
>> them coolio lights...
>> Im glad you think it will work Bill, cos that means other people will 
>> I want it to work, its such a good idea, and I like companies who do
>> something different and new... they deserved to do well, but I do get
>> a sneaking suspicion that... oh I dunno... Keith...hes... like... a
>> neighbour? or a friend? or the brother of the friend of your wifes
>> sisters Aunt? Cos I dont really see why you wanna defend something you
>> haven't got...??
>> Go spend money on it and then you might not be so pleased with it...
>> Quite alot of people have spent (not) alot of money on it, and are not
>> happy.... Although they did refund me my money, they were a bit
>> difficult about it, AND of course I lost my shipping money there and
>> back, thats well over 100 dollars...
>> just my 1000 cents..
>> M.
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