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Re: tweek-o-mania.....M 13

That was very nice.  I think this may have just piqued my interest in
buying MORE gear.  I had been so good for so long.

Thanks guys.


On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:
> :), damn if there's one thing worse than friends who don't know you it's
> friends that do!
> but really your correct, I have now tried my M9 and it is indescribably
> wonderful right out of the box. However there are always going to be 
> that would have made it better. I do see your point. I have gotten to 
> I just use what I can and disregard the rest after writing companies 
>with my
> ideas!
> ok, i sat down and only played with the first "scene" for a while :) 
>this is
> just clean guitar into the M9 and then looped with a Boss DD 20. Partical
> verb (stable and hazard settings), barbershop phaser, and sweep echo were
> the 3 available fx units in the scene.
> I like it!
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/679233/testingm9.mp3
> peace out,
> Jeff

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