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Re: tweek-o-mania.....M 13

That surprises me, Jeff...judging from what I heard from you so far, I 
would've taken you as the kind of guy who puts effects in the wrong 
order (according to those typical articles for normal guitarists). Now 
there's no need to do delay->distortion (because some of the delay 
models already do include distortion), but reverb->distortion would be 

Apart from that, I do see this as a valid problem, simply because it has 
stereo inputs, and as such if you hit it with e.g. a Warr guitar (stereo 
outs), you'd loose that...


Jeff Duke schrieb:
> I don't really see a problem with that Rainer, I never run a 
> distortion pedal after delay or reverb, etc, anyway. I suppose that 
> there are stereo distortion boxes but all that I have, Zvex Fuzz 
> Factory, etc are mono. I always run distortion/filter or 
> filter/distortion first and then into the modulation/delay/reverb 
> stuff which is all stereo in my set up. Then I run that in stereo to 
> my stereo loopers Boss DD 20 and EH 2880.
> So as usual I see it as distortion-filters (some filters are stereo), 
> modulations-delays/reverbs.(all stereo I think)

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