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Re: tweek-o-mania.....M 13

Thanks to you, Brian and Jeff, for your throughout explanation.

So basically, it's an integrated stompbox-chain replacement with lots of 
flexibility plus looper, but nothing more (not this isn't a lot 

There's one thing that bothers me, however - and that's the passage
"Some models (like Stereo Delay) provide stereo operation. When run
before a mono model (like a distortion), the signal will collapse to mono
as it feeds the mono effect, and will then be passed on in mono to the
next effect or outputs."

Which, although the device looks like a full-stereo thing (with stereo 
in and out), with lots of configurations (e.g. when you have a 
distortion in your chain) it will basically not be stereo (and the 
looper is mono as well).

I'm just pointing this out because this is exactly what bugs me a lot 
about Roland's VBass, where you can pan your individual strings from the 
hex pickup wildly around, but the moment you send it through an amp, 
distortion or wah, it's all gone...

Do you know (or does the manual state this somewhere) which effects are 


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