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Re: Any Ideas for a Second Looper, possibly a Jamman

> My main looper is a Gibson EDP. I would like to get a second looper 
> for the purpose of being able to trigger loops from my drum set and 
> other instruments on the other side of my studio room.
> I can't afford another EDP and was looking at a used Jamman for $100. 
> I recall hearing a Boss unit mentioned on here too.
> Any thoughts or ideas?
Hey Todd,

I'll first try to understand what you want to accomplish: from your 
text, it seems that you want to trigger "canned" (i.e. recorded probably 
in advance, and not subject to overdub/multiply/the entire EDP madness) 
loops from some controller, like a MIDIfied drumset (or trigger pads 
sitting in the drumset).

If so (and that's the big if), an old sampler w/ built-in scsi harddisc 
might do the trick; things like an EMU ESi-32 with turbo board (for 
timestretching) go for below $100 sometimes...