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Re: zoom Q3

I have the h2 as well and like what it does (and how it does it) quite  
a lot.

The cheaply made plastic housing has been a bother though.

The tripod mount fitting has busted out twice - metal threaded ring  
broke out of the flimsy plastic around it.

Not totally impressed with that.

It' epoxied back together okay though and I hope to get a Flip camera  
sometime soon.

All I can say is watch out for the flimsy plastic housings.



On Sep 6, 2009, at 2:27 AM, andy butler wrote:

> It does look good.
> I've been using the H2
> and the onboard mics are excellent, so unless Zoom
> downgraded for their later models  it'll be possible to make
> great recordings.
> 199 in uk
> $249 US
> for comparison, the audio only H2 is 150 these days.
> 3 reservations.
> 1) the H2 & H4 do the recording volume (and limiting) in the digital  
> domain,  *after* any overload distortion. I doubt my H2 would cope  
> with a loud band.
>  Did Zoom address that issue? It would mean adding a VCA to the  
> circuit at
>   extra expense and/or quality loss. 2) the audio will only sound  
> good if the camera stays in one position   ( so ignore the  "make  
> your own movie perfect sound" hype)
> 3) the supplied editing software.
> andy butler
> ps.
> the alternative is to record the audio separately and re-sync,
> which means you can use the camera you already have
> nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>>  this looks sweet!......i want one!