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Re: zoom Q3.....G 20

jeffe'.....as an xtra bonus of the "scootaround", i believe there is a rule that prohibits the beating of mobility impaired people.....i get more excited everyday reading the forecasts of doom in the local media....."WHY LORD, WHY OUR FAIR CITY?".....it's as if every krazy on the planet is coming here.....bring them on! the "yinnzers" will keep them in line!.....as of now, they are pretty much shutting down the entire city for 2 daze, schools are all ready going to close, you will need ID to get into the city proper.....our police force (?) is too small, so they are bringing in over 4000 HICKS FROM THE STIX.....est. of 19 million $ already for security and that will be just a drop in the bucket.....lost wages, lost school daze, loss of transportation infrastructure (you can't get there from here).....wow!.....how yummy!.....i can see why so many other cities turned down this wonderful chance to garnish world wide attention.....this plus the major LOOPING SHOWS that i have put on here (see, looping content, i ain't no clone!) will really put PITTSBURGH on the map, i.e wall of infamy.....and once again, everyone is invited.....:)m