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Re: Samples and looping

On Sep 5, 2009, at 9:19 AM, L.Angulo wrote:

>> But I think that the deeper argument would be this. You say
>> "In a lot of cases I made music with a lot of work and
>> didn't gain any money at all". But who said that
>> making good music should result in gaining money? People do
>> lots of good things and do not gain money. In fact, people
>> who do gain money in many cases fail to deliver an inspired
>> piece of music.
> id say people who do good things musically is precisely because of  
> HARDWORK but do not make money perhaps because they do not know how  
> to,the people who do gain money as you say are people who know how  
> to make profit out of them and are less concerned about delivering  
> inspired good music!

isn't there a way to do both?