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Re: Best Light Weight Mixer for Loop Touring


Behringer Xenyx 1002 FX, 10-channel mixer - 2 mic inputs with 48V phantom power, 24-bit FX processor, 3-band EQ, 1 aux send (post), peak LED, 4 stereo line inputs with 1 aux, 2-track in/out, master fader, external power supply. Dimensions: 47-37 x 189 x 220mm. Weight: 1.05kg,


2009/3/9 Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>:
> Andy Owens, in his really excellent article on
> travelling in the GAIN STRUCTURE thread (wow, I've been doing this for a
> long time
> and I learned several things from you)
> said,
> "...............Rance Cm 86 mixer (THE BEST LOOPING MIXER ask me
> why..)........................."
> Why?
> I, myself endorse and tour with a DTar SOULSTICE, Mix Blending System
> http://www.d-tar.com/solstice.shtml
> I like this a lot
> It has two channels (line and XLR inputs per channel) with volume and three
> bands of powerful eq on each channel.
> Phantom power for mics on both channels.
> Channel Inserts (which I used for my footpedals) on each channel (in the
> back)
> Master Effects Send (to my looper) with a separate effects mix on the front
> of the unit
> A tuner out (that can be used to go to my wireless earphone system (maybe
> the best single purchase I"ve made
> for live performance, espeically given that I use live microphones.)
> with a mute switch if you want to use it as a tuner output.
> Then it has Mono line out or Balanced XLR out and two post eq sends on the
> back of the unit
>   * 8.5" wide x 6.5" deep x 2.7" high
>   * Weight 2.9 lbs.
> It is a half rack space but is two rack spaces high.  
> My only critiques are that it is too well built (meaning it's heavier than I
> wish it was, but this means it will really
> last a long time) and, in a perfect world,  I wish that it was only one rack
> space in width and height and
> had 2 auxiliary sends.       Pretty small critique considering that it was
> designed for acoustic musicians
> to accurately blend the signals from two different pickup systems wiht great
> flexibility and
> not for a found sound/multi instrumentalist like myself.    It's pretty
> great.
> What else do you guys like?

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