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Re: Nuggets of Wisdom for Loop Touring

I'm getting a pair of cargo pants tomorrow - sounds like the flying 
looper's trouser of choice!

I love the thought of belting those pants with wrapped cables, but isn't 
that a big pain to take off for the x-ray machines?

And have I just been unaware of scales at check-in for carry-on stuff? 
Is that happening in Europe but not the States as yet? I've definitely 
had more than 10 kg before.

Daryl Shawn

> One thing I do is to wear trousers with huge pockets on the legs. My
> rather heavy soundcard fits well into one such pocket. All things you
> pack into your pockets will not tax your weight in luggage and by
> picking the heaviest stuff for pockets you save loads of money from
> over weight fees. I've even been flying with lots of midi and audio
> cabled used as "belt" for my trousers, another way to save money.
> The cabin baggage is usually allowed at maximum eight or ten kilo
> weight. But since you are obliged to take out the laptop anyway at the
> check-in it won't be on the scales with the rest of the stuff - so you
> may safely plan your exact cabin bag weight MINUS laptop weight.