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Re: Mainstage, Ultralite and Augustus Loop

Hey guys,
I want to understand this better so please be patient because looping with 
computers is all new to me.
lets suppose i have 2 stand alone softwares, one guitar rig and the other 
one mobius how do you loop the output of guitar rig into mobius,are u 
using 2 computers or do you go through a mixer? if u do go through a mixer 
how do you route the ouputs of both Softwares separately?if u do use 
mobius as a vst,how do you route it into guitar rig?
excuse the newbie questions! 

 I still run
> MainSTage as
> the tempo sync slave (to Mobius) on my MacBook, but I
> don't put the
> looper on a bus inside MainStage - I run the looper as a
> parallel
> standalone application. But the MIDI Clock form Mobius
> still goes
> though the computer's operating system into MainStage.
> I have not been
> able to make this tandem standalone set-up crash yet.
> It's totally
> stable.
> This all only relates to people that wants to set the tempo
> by playing
> in looping instead of starting out by adapting to a click
> track. If
> you don't have a problem with setting the tempo in
> MainStage for you
> and your looper to follow, then there will be no
> instability issue
> with opening the looper as a plug-in on a bus.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se
> www.perboysen.com