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Re: Mainstage, Ultralite and Augustus Loop

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 1:50 PM, L.Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I want to understand this better so please be patient because looping 
>with computers is all new to me.
> lets suppose i have 2 stand alone softwares, one guitar rig and the 
>other one mobius how do you loop the output of guitar rig into mobius,are 
>u using 2 computers or do you go through a mixer? if u do go through a 
>mixer how do you route the ouputs of both Softwares separately?if u do 
>use mobius as a vst,how do you route it into guitar rig?

I've done that both ways. First I had two computers. One for sound
effects and one for Mobius. Between them I had a digital S/PDIF cable
and a MIDI cable for MIDI Clock sync signal. I don't use that setup

Now I use a set-up with one MacBook that runs both the pre amp fx
stuff (MainSTage) and the looper (Mobius). Note that the looper is NOT
a plug-in here. I run two standalone applications on the MacBook. In
order to bring over the audio and the sync from the pre amp app into
the looper I have put a physical loop-back stereo fix on the audio
interface. *The MIIDI Clock sync goes digitally through the laptop's
operating system (OSX IAC Bus). It should definitely work to use NI's
Guitar Rig instead of MainStage Guitar Amp Pro. And oh... must ad that
I slave sync the guitar amp stuff to Mobius. Mobius = Sync Master. MS
= Sync Slave. If using clic-track you may as well use a plug-in looper
and skip the hassle with physical loopback and MIDI Clock through the

I can provide more details if needed, I you don't find them in the
archives (must be the fifth time I'm posting this to the list now LOL