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Re: New Craig Green+David King Release-One Guitar/One Drummer

Hi Daryl,

Glad to hear you are enoying the music.  I'm not sure when the new record
will come out on eMusic or Rahapsody, but I can let you know when it does.


> very cool, Craig. I'm checking out your Bent Flow Trio record in
> Rhapsody now, which sounds great. Any chance the new one will be
> appearing on eMusic or Rhapsody?
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>> Hi All,
>> Just noticed the topic of One Guitar and Drummer on the LD page.  I have
>> a
>> new record that explores the subject as well as the use of altered
>> tunings
>> for guitar and ambient loops that was just released on the Milan Italy
>> based label Long Song Records.