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Re: One Guitarist, One Drummer was: Altered Tunings

Nels Cline and Gregg Bendian's "Interstellar Space Revisited" is a superb 
reworking of Coltrane and Ali's masterpiece.
The original lineup of the B-52s survived for years without a bass player.
Pig Destroyer - guitar/drums/vocals - I particularly like their album 
Terrifyer from 2004.

Guitar/bass duets are one of my favourite things to do. They really let 
open up and use the full range of the instrument's sounds without it 
sounding a complete mess (unless you want it to). This thread has inspired 
me to do some more - defianately a project to pursue in 2009.



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> --Mark wrote:
> "have to have a bass player.. infact it was just me, the drummer and the 
> singer, she also fired off
> samples. small band... big noise!!!"
> Yeah, it's cool that you said this, Mark.  Lately I"ve been fascinated 
> the concept of a band with
> only a drummer and a guitarist (with augmenting effects).
> I'd never really listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (mostly because their 
> singer puts me off a little bit)
> but  a friend of mine who is enamored with noise and distortion guitar 
> (and who I really respect a lot
> as a musician)  hipped me to the fact that this guitarist is really cool 
> and innovative:  and that's his
> approach.   I also found out that he is using a lot of live looping to 
> clone himself in live shows
> (to pull off parts that are obviously overdubbed on their records).
> I picked up a CD and an EP of their's and have really enjoyed what he's 
> doing with one guitar.
> Also,  my multi-instrumentalist friend, John Connell (who plays 
> from traditional Persian
> Ney and Daf to synthesizer to Black Metal guitar and who was one of the 
> really cool newbies at the
> festival this year)  said a really cool thing that I never thought about.
> He said that most of the ethnic world uses this paradigm:   One string 
> instrumentalist and one
> drummer.
> There is an amazing amount of freedom when there is only one guitarist 
> one drummer
> and there is also a primalness that is very cool and deep potentially.
> I really love that thought...................I'm just being the 
> of a Tuareg playing
> guimbry and an accompanying Bendir , when I play electric guitar and 
> (thanks to looping)
> What other single guitar/drum groups are out there, per chance?
> PS  by the way,   I changed the name of this thread, purposefully for 
> future researchers in our
> archives.   I think it's better to have more things to search in the 
> search archives (but I also
> am mildly afraid that I'll upset the person who started the original 
> thread when I do this)