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New Craig Green+David King Release-One Guitar/One Drummer

Hi All,

Just noticed the topic of One Guitar and Drummer on the LD page.  I have a
new record that explores the subject as well as the use of altered tunings
for guitar and ambient loops that was just released on the Milan Italy
based label Long Song Records.

The record is a duo project with David King, the drummer for the group The
Bad Plus and Happy Apple. The recording was done in Minneapolis last year
and features myself on both acoustic and electric guitars and David on
drums and various percussive instruments, including his infamous use of
children's toys.  It was a very special improvised record and is now
available in the States as well as Europe.  We have been receiving some
really great reviews including the recent one in All About Jazz by Mark

"Green conjures sounds from his guitars both electric and acoustic to
great effect. He becomes a son of Bill Frisell, grandson of Derek Bailey
but with a pension for rock. The longest track on the disc, “Snow Plow,”
thumps along to King’s bass drum and Green’s stellar guitar effects. He
alternates melodic passages with noise (as pleasant as can be), creating a
menagerie of sound that morphs into a sort of tango. Elsewhere, “Rock,
Paper, Scissors” hovers around the military beat until Green’s acoustic
guitar signals a blues tune. King follows making the pulse a marching
funkiness. The music is free, at times it's wacky, but it's altogether
enjoyable. Dudes, this music abides."

The CD is available on all the digital site including itunes. Search for
Craig Green+David King on itunes or the following sites for sound sample.



Craig Green