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Re: Loop software with varispeed

thanks Bill :-)

William Walker wrote:

> Perhaps having other intervals besides
> octaves would be cool, perhaps any interval within an octave? 

well, there are 128 midi notes available.
I reckon the user should have the decision whether to
use them all or not.

> One thing I found
> with CC control of pitch or track speed that I believe Mark F. mentioned 
> it is a cool gimmick, Key word being "Gimmick". How many times can you 
>end a
> song with it sounding like someone turned the record player off? 

I've been using the Electro Harmonics Stereo Memory man in a band 
and as an auxiliary looper feeding into my main rig.
I found lots of things to do with the varispeed in those contexts.

> That being
> said , the ability to record a track at 120 BPM and drop it to 10bpm can
> result in some startling artifacts.  

ahh, the Repeater time stretch.
I haven't had enough Repeater time to figure how they did that,
...it's not at all accurate, and seems to generate notes unrelated 
harmonically to the input....but it's a nice sound

> far as pitches I'd, use octaves
> ,4ths,5ths, and 2nds. 

yep, Octave 4th and 5th seem the most popular.

What do you do with the 2nds?

>As far as time stretch. It would be cool to be able to
> change pitch without changing tempo like the Repeater could, accessible 
> midi note and hopefully with user definable tonal center. The repeaters
> three octave range radiated out from middle C, with two octaves below and
> one octave above.  I'd like to be able to user define which note on the
> keyboard is acting as the tonic. Does that make sense? 

..but pitch change without tempo change is going to have to wait :-(
The edp emulator won't have it, afaik.

> So whats up your
> sleeve Andy?

Matthias asked me to implement varispeed on the edp emulator,
so while he's occupied with recent fatherhood I possibly have the
chance to weird things up a bit.
I've got it working, but it probably needs a bit effort still
to de-digitize the sound.

...but in sleeve terms, don't forget that the edp emulator is
still pre-beta test, so it's only just past the elbow.



>  Bill