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Re: Instant Composition

I don't think anyone listening to my music would hear Bach,  
counterpoint or theme and variations, but I am aware of these ideas  
and use them in my own very loose ways. I'm not proposing imposing  
strict form on improvisation, but an awareness of form and how it can  
create new ideas. This then adds richness to the tools you use while  
improvising. Counterpoint does not need to be the formal system used  
by Bach - it can just means you are thinking of something that works  
counter to what is currently happening. Theme and variations can mean  
playing a phrase and then morphing the phrase in different ways.

If you listen to Ursonate (http://www.ubu.com/sound/blonk.html) its a  
very very long ways from Bach - but uses the ideas of form in a  
fantastic way. Without the form it would just be a jumble of nonsense  
- there is no way that it could sustain your interest for the length  
of time that it does.

I also love chaos and noise. These can be used within the context of a  
greater sense of form as well though and made more powerful for it.



> Raul Bonell wrote:
> i usually approach things on the contrary way.
> it works better for me.no counterpoint. no theme, neither variations.
> even no bach at all. i had enough while studying piano.
> raul.