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Re: semi-OT: Operating Systems

Thanks Nick!

When I've run other things through the USB ports I haven't had problems so 
when I tuned the PC for music I thought there'd be no problems... wrong! 
It's only a couple month old PC, AMD Turion x2 though it dos have ATI 
boards.  I've tried every port and one is slightly better that the other 
three. I can see shared IRQ's but VISTA of course doesn't allow me to 
those so I'm stuck there.

Was talking to the head dude at SamAsh the other day and he too think it's 
all a Vista issue.  SO since I still have 130G of harddrive available me 
thinks it's time to partition and install XP.
Thanks again,

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> if you want to use windows for music, use xp. AFAIK there is no
> improvement offered by vista over xp that will help you play or create
> music. In fact, vista is the laughing stock of the tech world, whether
> some people like it or not. XP is still proven to be a very good os
> for every day uses and has such extensive support by hardware vendors
> that it's one of the top two choices for music (os x being the other,
> i'm not getting into the argument of which is better for music right
> now).
> in the future, perhaps windows 7. For now, use windows XP, don't waste
> time with vista.
> Hope that helps,
> Nick
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 2:08 AM, Jeff Lomas <jeff.lomas@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1080 output?  The would be great!  I could mount a 73" flat screen on
>> the wall of the studio.  Of course the wife would start wondering
>> where the TV went ;).
>> -J
>> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 12:51 PM, SP Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> 
>> wrote:
>>> From: <mike@michaelplishka.com>
>>>> I've had it with trying to find USB interfaces with my Vista laptop
>>>> computer.  Gone through four: lexicon, maudio, edirol and presonus 
>>>> order
>>>> from worst to best) and none of them really worked.  I'm thinking of
>>>> partioning and installing a different version of windows.  What would 
>>>> this
>>>> esteemed group recommend?
>>> If your motherboard's USB ports aren't up to the task it won't matter 
>>> what
>>> USB interfaces you hook up to them.  My last motherboard was a Asus 
>>> USB
>>> ports up the wall, but only two out of six were USB 2.0!  Ridiculous, 
>>> even
>>> without a music interface attached: cams and mice were either
>>> less-than-responsive or non-functional altogether.  I go through a lot 
>>> of
>>> hardware because of testing and experimenting; this last mobo bit it 
>>> because
>>> I was trying to eliminate all the fans on it.  Not all Zalman heat 
>>> will fit every motherboard!  I had a semi-circle-form heat sink from 
>>> them
>>> that I put on the South Bridge chipset.  Unfortunately it was very 
>>> to
>>> my video card (PCIE Geforce 8600 GT, long card), though not touching 
>>> it - I
>>> figured that 1/4" was a safe margin, but I didn't count on what 
>>> when
>>> one bumps the box just enough... Not quite Kaboom, just a loud click 
>>> nothing.  Thankfully only the cursed motherboard was ruined.
>>> So I was saved from having to eventually troubleshoot an 
>>> already-troublesome
>>> series of USB ports.  How old is your mobo?  Model?
>>> Thanks to our even-more-cursed Sky+ HD box starting to give up the 
>>> (damn you Murdoch!), I have had to move forward my plans to create a 
>>> quiet,
>>> hopefully fanless small-form PC with feckless HD 1080 output, and a 
>>> Sky-compatible tuner card.  If anyone on-list is interested in the 
>>> results
>>> I'll keep 'em in the loop.  Off-list of course.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> ~peace~
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