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Re: semi-OT: Operating Systems

From: <mike@michaelplishka.com>

> I've had it with trying to find USB interfaces with my Vista laptop 
> computer.  Gone through four: lexicon, maudio, edirol and presonus (In 
> order from worst to best) and none of them really worked.  I'm thinking 
> partioning and installing a different version of windows.  What would 
> esteemed group recommend?

If your motherboard's USB ports aren't up to the task it won't matter what 
USB interfaces you hook up to them.  My last motherboard was a Asus with 
ports up the wall, but only two out of six were USB 2.0!  Ridiculous, even 
without a music interface attached: cams and mice were either 
less-than-responsive or non-functional altogether.  I go through a lot of 
hardware because of testing and experimenting; this last mobo bit it 
I was trying to eliminate all the fans on it.  Not all Zalman heat sinks 
will fit every motherboard!  I had a semi-circle-form heat sink from them 
that I put on the South Bridge chipset.  Unfortunately it was very close 
my video card (PCIE Geforce 8600 GT, long card), though not touching it - 
figured that 1/4" was a safe margin, but I didn't count on what happens 
one bumps the box just enough... Not quite Kaboom, just a loud click and 
nothing.  Thankfully only the cursed motherboard was ruined.

So I was saved from having to eventually troubleshoot an 
series of USB ports.  How old is your mobo?  Model?

Thanks to our even-more-cursed Sky+ HD box starting to give up the ghost 
(damn you Murdoch!), I have had to move forward my plans to create a 
hopefully fanless small-form PC with feckless HD 1080 output, and a dual 
Sky-compatible tuner card.  If anyone on-list is interested in the results 
I'll keep 'em in the loop.  Off-list of course.

> Thanks!
> ~peace~
> Plish
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