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Re: danger, dirty midi guts topic

per, that's a great suggestion thanks. i hadn't thought to move the MIDI to a dedicated interface. i will try that!

On Aug 29, 2008, at 2:55 AM, Per Boysen wrote:


I take it you are plugging MIDI cables into the MOTU and have the MOTU

deliver the MIDI data in through the firewire port into the

applications in the computer? When I was using a RME Multiface avoided

this scenario for years because it created problems with zipper noise

in my audio (not the same problem as you have, I know). Instead of

scrambling MIDI and audio streaming in the firewire bus I was using a

simple MIDI Link USB midi interface to get my MIDI input into the

software world, thus leaving my audio interface to handle audio full

time on the firewire bus. This solved my problem and the RME sounded

excellent. Just an idea for a troubleshooting.