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Re: danger, dirty midi guts topic

Hi Zoe

> using a simple MIDI Link USB midi interface to get my MIDI input into 
>the software world, 
> thus leaving my audio interface to handle audio full time on the 
>firewire bus

That would be also my first intuition, so I second Per's approach.

Then, it would be to try to nail down a "best practice" for booting order 
& timing (i.e. wait x seconds...). You might really want to come up with 
an exact "coreography" that you repeat each time. Just to be on the safe 
For the software environment, it would be best to have a designated hard 
drive/image/OS instance only for live looping performances that you reset 
before _every_ performance. This should make the environment as reliable 
as possible.

Good luck with your setup. It's not really fun rebooting when you're 
standing in front of a crowd. So, I keep my fingers crossed! :-)

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