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Re: getting clean live loops - technique

Quoting J Z <loopyvonlooperhowzen@yahoo.com>:
> So my question is what do you all do for the problem  of the  
> beginning of the loop being cut off?
Hi, and welcome.

You didn't say what instrument you play.  The attack characteristics  
of your instrument could influence your approach here.

If you instrument has a fast attack -- say a percussion instrument,  
guitar, or piano then you could spend some time to coordinate your  
foot-pedal press with your starting note so that the first beat and  
the start of the loop are in the same place.  (I'm assuming you use a  
footpedal to send midi messages to the LP1).

Another technique is to play on beat 2 of your loop... then play beat  
1 when you switch to overdub mode.  I use this technique quite a bit.

Also, check our noise-gate settings on the LP1. If the threshold is  
too loud then the start of your note may be cut off, too.

-- Kevin