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RE: getting clean live loops - technique

I don’t know the LP1; does it have an autostart function?  I’ve always used autostart, first on my Boss RC 20, then on my EDP.  This way, as long as you set the threshold properly and play your first looped note on the downbeat, all you have to do is end the loop accurately to have it nice and even.  More practice always helps, of course.


I have used loops that started in other parts of a measure; these are fine if you don’t need an organized arrangement to come out of them later.  But they can be especially weird if restarting after muting takes you back to the beginning. 


BTW, welcome to LD.  I’ve read it for years but have only posted during 2008 myself.





Greetings fellow loopers, this is my first post and I have a question regarding looping technique.  I use the LP1.  When I was learning to loop (on my DL4) I was consistently cutting off the beginning of my loops, resulting in a slightly shortened sound on the first beat of the loop and sometimes even a pop/click sound (but still on beat).  So I learned to begin my loops on a beat other than the 1, wherever there was a break in the sound for a moment.  So in a two bar loop, I might begin the loop an eighth note before the first beat of the first bar and end it an eighth note before the end of the second bar.  So it is stll a two-bar loop in length, but the loop start/end point is not on the 1 (at a quiet/silent part of the loop), so I get a clean loop.

However, as my loop pedal has gotten more complex, so have my arrangements, and I am starting to run into issues with my loop start/end points not being on the 1, and I am considering changing my technique.  So my question is what do you all do for the problem of the beginning of the loop being cut off?  Do I just need to practice more?  Are there other people that use my technique of starting the loop on a beat other than the 1?  Any info would be appreciated.  I apologize if this has been covered but it did not come up in my searches.