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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

So Erdem, Was this discussion helpful ?? J

 My intent was not to start a tube VS modeling caged death match,  and god knows many of you out there find modeling satisfying enough to meet your needs, and more power to you. I was trying to help Erdem pair down without re-inventing his wheel or sacrificing the sound he is accustomed to. If you have heard Erdem’s  work you would know that he places a premium on sound.  Until I hear otherwise, I am going to stick with tube gear if possible,  because it sounds better to my ears and feels more responsive to my hands. What you might be interested to know Rainer is that demand for vacuum tubes has been steadily increasing worldwide in the last twenty years, not just for guitar amps, but for high end stereo equipment as well, and  studio gear like pre-amps and compressors, not tube based effects boxes. The reason is the sound.  Guys like Tesla and Edison where on to something.

Yours fondly,

 sipping tea in the retirement home,