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RE: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

My 505 has a HUGE neck thickness, but it helps the tone a lot.  It's been
refretted three or four times over the years, but the finish on it is so
tough that it's just now giving way to wear on the fingerboard, something
that happens much earlier on Fenders.  It's a very bright-toned Strat (ash
body and maple neck), and when recording in the studio, I've often gone to
it in place of my Fenders, Gibsons and Epiphones (along with cheap 60s
Japanese oddities) to get just the right tone.  I tried the other Roland
guitars, and found them all undesirable.  I've only seen one or two other
505s and didn't get to play them, so I don't know if mine is an anomaly.  I
think Ibanez may have been the builder of these.

At some point, when I resolve a few more bulk issues in my solo/looping 
I hope to bring the 300 back in.  Now that I feed the EDP with a Mackie VLZ
1402, it would be easy to fit it in.  In the 1980s I used to run the 
through a Roland Chorus Echo into the amp; it created some gorgeous tones.

However, I think my snake cable is a bit shaky--want to sell one of yours?



> George, you have the old blue box 300, and the Fender copy
> 505?  I do as
> well, bought them new in 1979 or 1980.  I haven't used
> the 300 recently, but
> I still play the 505 at my solo gigs.  It is a better
> guitar than my 1956
> Fender Strat was.  I used to use the synth set an octave
> down as the bassist
> in my pre-looper one man band.  Having the individual
> switches to choose
> which strings went through the synth was great.

Yup, it's the old blue box. I've been lucky enough to score two GR-300s (as
well as a GR-700), one on european voltage, the other on US. 

I'm a little surprised you were so happy with the G-505. Myself, I found 
neck unplayable due to a number of issues, and eventually had a local
luthier (Dan Ransom) carve a custom neck. For a couple of years I was on 
hunt for a G-303/G808, but I've since concluded that, at 6'4", my overall
size does not jibe well with shorter scale lenths. So I'm sticking with the