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Re:M13 has arrived

> Luis wrote:
> did you order it or are you going to?

Hey Luis, how are you? :) I'm currently working on a new live setup and 
I'm looking for a FX unit to use as a pre or post-looper in combination 
with the LP1. Candidates are the Eventide TF, M13 and Kaosspad 3. 3 
totally different fx processors, so I need to figure out which one meets 
my req's.

So far, I have played an hour with the KP3 but I haven't heard the 
Eventide and M13 yet. I think the M13 offers good value for the money but 
it might be a little big and heavy...or not? I already have a FC-300 surf 
board so it's already crowded on stage ;)

Btw: Do you like the Eventide delay? I've heard from guitarists it's sound 
is fantastic. And does it have a good analog delay?