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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

i dont think anybody is blaming technology itself,i think is just 
dissaproving of false advertisment which a lot of companies are profiting 
from,claiming tweed fenders,mesa boogies,fuzzboxes analog fuuzes univibes 
etc.all nicely packed in a micro light pocket plastic device to go 
straight into the P.A. All of them are well aware that nobody nowdays want 
to carry bulky equipment but want to sound like their idols,so they give 
you crappy loud presets so you get a hard on and think you bought the 
right stuff.Now,if you have been working on tone for 30 years like Bill 
and know how good something real sounds, offcourse you are going to have a 
hardtime downgrading just because is small and portable.If you dont know 
the difference and just play as a hobbist you are going to think 
guitarrist looking for the answer should not wine and retire.
Guitar remains one of the most popular instrument and a lot of companies 
are there to make a buck while it lasts, making you think you are going to 
sound amazing live with a Pandora or Zoom G.2 or a plugin with great 
graphics of the old gear.(Thats not to say that that you couldnt sound 
good,a good musician could sound good with a ping pong ball)thats why i 
support Chris statement that "its virtual and its different" and thats why 
companies should probably stop naming the stuff after what they are trying 
to model and give it a different name because it aint gonna sound the same 
ever.(but then they wouldnt make a buck;-)
bottom line remains how far we are willing to make the compromise of sound 
for comfort.But companies that are listening to critical professional 
musicians who know the difference (instead of hobbie ones) might make it 
possible someday for serious musicians to make that compromise. 

> Summarizing: Mainly, if you want to haul around huge crates
> of gear, feel
> free to do so, independently of whether you live in a
> retirement home or are
> touring the world. On the other hand, if you want or need
> to trim down your
> setup: the possibilities are (almost always) there, but may
> require some
> effort on your part. But please, if you don't know what
> you need, lack
> technical understanding, are filled with preconceptions and
> completely
> unflexible, then please don't blame technology.
> If somebody sees this (the items 1-4 above) as arrogant,
> then well okay: a
> certain level may look like arrogance from below, as they
> say.
> That being said, it wasn't my intention to personally
> attack or defame
> anyone here.
> Thanks for all your input,
>       Rainer