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Re: Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Just to be sure I get this right: hobbyist automaticall and infailably 
means "he don't know the difference", or basically, don't know shit?

I really don't get it why somebody, just to dream up an example, who holds 
a university degree both in music and engineering and has spent 
considerable time characterizing and evaluating audio systems, by 
manufacturers that are believed by many (even people with a garage) to be 
among the best of their kind, and as part of that has actually spent a lot 
of effort into devising tests that don't fool you as easily as the tube 
amp in a (most probably not properly treated) garage (especially if you 
already made up your mind before you started the test), let alone a lot of 
hearing training, let's just say such a person would exist, why that 
person can under no circumstances ever in his lifetime "know the 
difference", unless he gets rid of all his professional qualification 
(however that may work, perhaps by subjecting your ears to 24/7 of 
nearfield jackhammering, combined with lots of alcohol and other 
rock'n'roll drugs?), moves into a garage and becomes a professional. 
Please fill me in.

----- original Nachricht --------
>If you dont know the difference and just play as a hobbist you are going 
>to think guitarrist looking for the answer should not >wine and retire.

> for comfort.But companies that are listening to critical professional
> musicians who know the difference (instead of hobbie ones) might make it
> possible someday for serious musicians to make that compromise.