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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

> From: Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com>
> The thing about buying hardware, such as boutique amps, is
> that they have
> resale value, even appreciation.  Computer hardware goes
> down to where after
> a few years you can't give it away, and god forbid you
> ever pay money for
> audio software...

Absolutely! But even an M13 is way better than buying software. I don't 
want to go in to all the reasons why, but anyone who has owned/maintained 
a computer system for more than a few years understands this implicitly.

For myself, I'd prefer to buy digital hardware than software because the 
hardware (i.e., an M13) is it's own platform. You don't have to worry 
about things like:

1. the copy protection scheme becoming unsupported
2. the only supported OS being "end-of-lifed"
3. the computer hardware being "end-of-lifed"

On a related note, I will NEVER buy any more 1K Multimedia products due to 
their tight lock-in with flaky copy protection (don't ask me about my 
experience with authorization for Amplitube). Steam is pouring out of my 
ears at the very memory!

Small software enterpises come and go all the time. To expect them to 
stick around is just unrealistic. And even if they are around, to expect 
them to remain at the status quo is once again lunacy. Case in point, 
Apple's aquisition of Logic. If you were running Logic on a PC, you were 

Not to harsh on any scabs, but does anyone else remember the Gibson 
takeover of Opcode and the resulting orphanage of OMS? Not to mention 
StudioVisionPro...I  still frickin' seriously weep for the loss off 
Opcode, not to mention the gigatinc loss of SVP.

With a hardware box, you can at least be sure that in 10 years (barring 
the failure of some irreplacable custome chip) it will still do what it 
does today. But if you buy software to do that same thing, it's a total 
longshot that it will be in any way functional in 10 years on ANY platform.

So these days I treat purchases of software as expenses, and do my best to 
choose hardware that turns in to an investment rather than an expense.

Years ago I was gigging with a line6 AX212. I was lucky...a buddy at GC 
got me an awesome deal on it. I gigged with it for two years, then sold it 
for almost what I paid for it. That was like 8 years ago or so. Since 
then, I've resolved to spend as little money as possible on digital 
devices, and put the real money in to analogue gear that will withstand 
the test of time.

So in my current rig, I've been using a Universal Audio Solo 610 as a tube 
DI. It's my only effect, and it's worth every penny! I am happy to spend 
beaucoup $$$ on high-end tube gear. It will sound great, and hold its 

Following my own advice, I've been using ProTools the last few years 
because I'm convinced it's not about to go away. But what a piece of shit 
it's been! At least I'm not afraid that it's about to disappear at like 
StudioVision Pro did.