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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Interesting...I guess I don't know many guitar players who get tired of 
their amps frequently. I bought a '66 Princeton thirteen years ago and, 
even though I'm not playing electric these days, it lasted me through 
three or four bands and I never felt like I needed anything different in 
an amp. Though I do agree with Travis that guitar gear keeps its value 
(and I'm not so convinced that hardware will be in museums in 30 years), 
if your path leads you to maximum flexibility and frequent change then 
the software solution sounds custom-made for you..!

As for me...hell, I'm still using tape...my electric guitar needs its 
electric amp!

Daryl Shawn

> a) I spend, let's say $3000 on a new computer every 4 years (my 
> running rate) and then upgrade my music software every 8 years for 
> another $1500 (max/msp or something like it, Reaktor or something like 
> it, and a bunch of free future VSTs or something like them), 
> totallying $7500 in 8 years.
> b) Buy a Matchless DC30 for $3500, but be totally bored out of my mind 
> with this 1-2-trick pony in year, and end up buying 3 different other 
> botique tube amps in the next 7 years, probably easily spending 
> $7500....been there, done that! I've spend more on amps than I have 
> computers and software, so what does that tell me? Move away from 
> hardware. Adapt. Evolve. Change. Lighten up (literally) and play the 
> music. :)
> Of a) and b), it would be a wash for me.  The computer is a logical 
> choice in my case and will save me money over time, plus keep my 
> evolving. I've never used an a single type of amp for 20 years, BTW. 
> I've never used the same amp for more than a year without getting 
> board with the limitation of tones.