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Re: elec gtr setup - to simplify

I agree with both Buzap & Bill re: amps. I used a POD from v1 to a v3 rackmount (XT, I think?) I've played with some of the other boxes, but have no experience with the new software modelers (eg Amplitube.) My feeling, however, is this: If you want a tube amp sound & feel, there's no substitute. However, I come from a very different perspective -- guitar -> looper (usu. EDP) -> amp (either '62 Princeton or Clark Beaufort.) I don't even like having the EDP in front of the amp because I can hear & feel its effect on the signal, and I don't much care for it. Thus, I can't & won't comment on your (to my eyes) gigantic effects toolbox, except to say that it seems to be much easier to model effects & combine them with a purely digital signal flow than it is to replace a tube amp that sounds, feels, and responds like a tube amp.

There are plenty of very small amps out there. You can go from an old Champ or Valco to a newer, tweaked out model like a Siegmund Muddy Buddy, which has all of 1 watts, and options for things like line outs, etc. (I've not played a MB, but I have owned a Siegmund Midnight Special, which had a superb sound, esp. clean or low gain. I'm GASsing for a MB bad, tho'...)

So I've been able to use a very small guitar rig. Which would be great, but then I also have a dozen or so flutes, and several racks so I can make them accessible on stage, etc... I guess I could model the flutes, but I suspect I'd miss something. ;)

Zak Kramer
Crazyquilt Arts & Music