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Re: elec gtr setup - to simplify

I think there were some great suggestions out there, including trimming cable fat ( I use george L’s), and simply pairing down. When I paired down to go to Europe, I actually found it very liberating in the months leading up to my trip to just dig deeper in to my paired down rig, and realize that I can find ways to re-create certain effects I knew I had to leave behind. Example: using my tone control to mimic an envelope follower as I played hammer-ons.  Or using my volume control with long delay and reverb tails to create the swell delay effect I use on my DL-4

  But, The amp modeling issue for you is one I feel is the hardest to address. Even the amp modeling in Logic, which means for you, investing in an expensive Mac and additional software, and a new platform, has short comings in sound, dimension, feel, and latency, though every thing else about the Logic platform is pretty stellar from my limited experience.  but I also realize I’m coming from a place where I have been playing tube amplifiers and stomp box effects for many years and for my ears, even a tube preamp with basic speaker emulation, like the marshall  JMP-1 , boogie  Triaxis,  or the out of production Boogie Formula,  sounds better to my ears in many ways, than a modeling amp with 57 varieties of amps that doesn’t nail one amp convincingly.   I wish there were more of these type of  tube preamps available, in a lighter more portable  stomp box style box, or better yet,

 a tube preamp/ computer interface the size of a MOTU traveler that uses subminiature tubes and really  caters  to guitar  players with amp style potentiometer control, re-active load  speaker emulation, and some built in, non CPU draining DSP. At least that’s what I want J  I also want richer harmonic content, better dynamic range with more natural response to picking dynamics, natural compression, to name a few things, that tubes do the best, and that I haven’t gotten thus far from modeling.  But I also understand that if you didn’t have the reference point that I do, you might not hear and feel the difference I’m hearing and feeling.  But from what Erdem said, it seems like he does.

 So with that in mind I would suggest perhaps a combination of both things, paired down.  Maybe use your preamp, and your most versatile processor which I would assume is the Eclipse. And perhaps your lap top running audio mulch and what-ever extra effects plug-ins you can run with out drawing too much CPU. Or a hard ware looper if you don’t want to take a lap top for looping. I think if you dig deep in to that Eclipse you will find it can replace half the stuff you mentioned.   I have to say that I’m not down on modeling as a whole,  I love my DL-4,  I just think that certain things like delay and modulation effects are much easier to model well than tube amplifiers. The other day when I sat down to play the new Line 6 M-13, I was running in to a fender tube amp, it sounded great  but  I believe it needed that tube amp to sound its best.  And it is purely a stomp box modeler, no amps or speaker sims. I honestly believe that if any one of the guitar players on this list sat down with me and we did an AB comparison between their modeling amp doing a fender clean sound with a minimal amount of effects, and either my boogie pre-amp direct with a dedicated DSP, or an actual Princeton reverb  with a handful of stomp boxes, it would be obvious the difference in sound quality, and also in the way it feels and responds to your touch. I’m really not trying to be a snob here, but I can hear the difference..  Another thing you might consider doing is getting something like an ME-10 and wherever you travel  to record or perform ,simply run it in  to a tube amp and mic the speaker, and turn off any amp or speaker modeling in the processor and  simply use it as an effects device and let the amp provide the tube mojo. Perhaps consider a floor board that has a good assortment of the stomp boxes you need to leave behind and hopefully a stereo effects loop for patching in your eclipse.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a studio that didn’t have at least on functional tube amp.

 That was more than my two cents

Good luck