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Re: Maybe OT--editing of film

I'm tending to agree with the posts thus far.  Thanks for the perspectives!
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Subject: Re: Maybe OT--editing of film

Mike I think thats a yes, but probably not so much with today's musics. I think it was especially true during the 70's when you had an "alternative" movement in Rock music that was very progressive, and focused on good musicianship. You had bands like Genesis, Renaissance, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Mike Oldfield etc. who weren't afraid to present very long (sometimes excessively self-indulgent) pieces of music that varied greatly in mood and time signature throughout what was sometimes an entire album side! That movement fizzled out about the same time as the New Wave hit in the 80s.

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Saw a great special the other day on how movies changed when editing came along.  How cutting from this and that was able to elicit feeling better than just a big screen "home movie".  My question to this esteemed group is: Is there a parallel to this in music?  can we experience different "locations" in music in the same piece?

I seem to think that classical music does this with various movements but is this really equivalent?  Have other artists pursued this question (I assume some more minimalists have).